Student Leaders

Every year four student leaders from the mainstream and one from Te Tikanga Rua Reo are chosen to represent our school as Head Students. Their responsibilities are varied including greeting visitors and showing them around the school, running school assemblies, representing our school at various functions and being great role models.

We also have a school council team made up of our heads and deputies, plus two representatives from each Year 5 and 6 home base. Each of these representatives is assigned a home base across the school. They visit these groups frequently to advise the children of various happenings around the school, to get ideas and solve problems that the younger students may be experiencing. The school council team meets once a week with the Deputy Principal to discuss problems and to develop and action solutions.

There is also a team of house captains who are a part of our team of student leaders. Each house has two Year 6 representatives. Part of their job is to help run any house sports days, house mufti days or house celebration days.

Students are also selected as specialised leaders specific areas, including Digi Ops, Eco-Warriors, and PAL Physical Activity Leaders.

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