HERO – 2020 Reporting

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Getting Connected – Term 3 2020 

This will go live on Friday 14th August at 4pm.

Celebrate your child’s learning by clicking on their 2020 Report Page. You can print this page should you wish to do so. This information is also available through their hub page, e.g., Kāhu for Year 5 and 6 children.

Children in Pīwakawaka, Pūkeko, Kererū and Kāhu
(excluding new entrants who started in terms 2 or 3)

  • Reading, writing and mathematics progress graphs are ‘hard coded’ to the top of this page by the developers. Below these you will find progress statements and goals from the teacher responsible for your child’s learning in each core curriculum area. 
  • Celebrating Learning: Whakanuia te mahi ako – this comment is written by the home base teacher and celebrates your child as a learner.
  • New entrants who started school in terms 2 or 3 will not have a report on Hero until the end of the year.

Children in Te Tikanga Rua Reo

  • Reporting progress for our Māori dual language programme is different this year. 
  • Graphs have been replaced by statements that indicate and celebrate progress based on a dual language assessment grid. 

Change of Reporting – Post COVID-19 Lockdown

Following the COVID-19 lockdown we made changes to our reporting for 2020. In response to expert’s advice, that students’ wellbeing should be schools’ top focus after the lockdown upheaval, we responded by allowing students to settle back into school, reconnect with their teachers, peers and learning before completing the comprehensive assessments that support our reporting.

We know Covid-19 and the nationwide lockdown has impacted student achievement. Many whānau were trying to work from home and manage home learning programmes. As a school we are committed to supporting students to make expected progress by the end of the year.

Research also shows that in New Zealand, missing days at school is unsurprisingly associated with lower achievement. For those students who continue to miss school on a regular basis their achievement is impacted. Attendance matters!

Understanding the Progress Graphs
(these are not used for students in Te Tikanga Rua Reo)

Green = progressing ahead of the expected level to be ‘above’
Blue = progressing within the expected level to be ‘at’
Yellow = making progress towards the expected level but is currently ‘below’

Rates of Progress

These differ for those with special learning needs, those who are gifted and those who come from non-English-speaking backgrounds. Students learning an additional language are also unlikely to follow the suggested progression: level 1 is the entry level for those with no prior knowledge of the language being learned, regardless of their school year.

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