Enrolment Scheme Review

The amended scheme has been approved by the Ministry of Education.  Please note the information regarding our Enrolment Scheme differs from that on the TKI/Education Council Website.  The correct map is the one here. 
Confirmed Zone Map

Home Zone
Starting from the intersection of Innes Road and Browns Road

  • South East along Browns Road to St Albans Street
  • North East along St Albans Street to Abberley Crescent
    • Including Kinleys Lane
  • South East along Abberley Crescent to Springfield Road
  • South along Springfield Road to Durham Street North
    • Including Ranfurly Street between Springfield Road and Abberfield Lane
    • Including Abberfield Lane
    • Including Springfield Road between Durham Street North and Bealey Avenue
  • East along Durham Street North to Caledonian Road
    • Including addresses on Durham Street North located north of Bealey Avenue
  • South along Caledonian Road to Purchas Street
    • Including Caledonian Road between Purchas Street and Bealey Avenue
  • East along Purchas Street to Sherborne Street
    • Including addresses on Colombo Street between Purchas Street and Bealey Avenue
    • Including addresses on Sherborne Street between Purchas Street and Bealey Avenue
  • East along Purchas Street to Madras Street
  • North along Madras Street to Canon Street
  • East along Canon Street to Barbadoes Street
  • North along Barbadoes Street to Warrington Street
  • East along Warrington Street to Flockton Street
  • North West along Flockton Street to Westminster Street
  • South West along Westminster Street to Thames Street
  • North West along Thames Street to Innes Road
  • South West along Innes Road to Browns Road

Addresses on both sides of boundary roads are considered in-zone unless specified otherwise.


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