Flexible Learning Environments – Master Planning

Community Update – Wednesday 19th July

During the removal of the existing asphalt the contractors have found asbestos in the ground. As with the previous contamination, this will be managed by a specialist team whose plan has been approved by the Ministry of Education’s Health and Safety team
The removal will take place Thursday 20th July and Friday 21st July from 8am – 5pm.
We ask that student and community members do not use the site during these two days.


Community Update – Thursday 29th June 2017 (newsletter item)

Great news regarding Tui Hub’s move to their new learning space, this will now take place on Friday 21st July, during the term break. We are grateful to Southbase Construction for meeting this shortened deadline.

Community Update – Thursday 10th June 2017
Rooms 19 – 21 are currently being transformed into Tui’s new home. We anticipate the following moves taking place:
• On the morning of Friday 7th July, Tui hub will move their items into Tui 10 (the prefab) and will work in other spaces for the remainder of the day.

• On the afternoon of Friday 7th July, Nga Kiwi 6 and 7 will move into home bases 22 – 24 (the lower level of the two-storied block). Nga Kiwi 8 will also set up in this area.

• On Monday 24th July, Tui hub will move into their new setting. Teachers will be released for this set up and relievers will work with Tui students in other spaces for the day.

Southbase Construction continues to work on the second stage of our new block; this will become Otākaro Hub’s new home on 12th September.

Community Update – Wednesday 10th May 2017

The Ministry of Education’s re-development plan for the school is in full swing. Like any construction project we have faced challenges and delays, however, we are excited by the opportunity our new spaces will provide for our tamariki’s learning.

 Occupancy of New Spaces

On Tuesday 23rd May the furniture and equipment from Waimakariri 19, 20, 21 is being moved into the completed stage of our new learning block. Relievers will lead learning programmes on this day, allowing staff to set the new area up. Students will occupy the space from Wednesday 24th May. The day will begin with a blessing of the space, which whānau are most welcome to attend.

The administration and staffroom areas will also relocate on Tuesday 23rd May (to the space known previously as Rooms 4 – 7). Although the office will be closed on this day, a temporary desk will be set up in the Oakleaf Cafe from 10am for payments and basic administration tasks.

Extension of Timeframes

Stage 2 of our new learning block is delayed due to the complexity of the site and the challenges building within a live environment poses. We anticipate this area being available for occupancy on the 13th September, week 8 of term 3. This impacts Ōtākaro Hub directly, as they will remain in their current space until this time. We have worked with the Ōtākaro team to ensure this learning environment meets the needs of our learners over the winter term. Although the time frame for this move has been delayed we are excited to have our tamariki move into this new space in term 3.

Oakleaf Cafe will continue to work from the PTA’s container, although the location of this may move, depending on the civil works being completed during term breaks. The cafe will move into its permanent home in the community hub in term 4.

Southbase Construction is working hard meet very tight timeframes. This means we currently have heavy duty machines operating during school hours. We acknowledge the difficulty this poses and want to reassure you that this will only happen for a short period of time.

Next Steps

  • Rooms 19 – 21 will be refurbished and Tui Hub will move into this area at the start of term 3.
  • Nga Kiwi 6 & 7 will then move into their final home in Rooms 22 – 24.
  • Staff and members of the community will work on the design theory for our new library with an anticipated opening date of term 4, as per our original plan.
  • From week 9 of term 3 we will celebrate having a school hall!

Principal Sabbatical

Congratulations to Ginnie who has been awarded a Teach NZ Study Award for term 3 of this year. During term 3 Ginnie will be on leave from school working on a research paper on performance management in an educational setting. This is a great opportunity for Ginnie and our kura. During term 3 Claire Howison will take on the role of Acting Principal. Claire will have the support of Glen McKenzie and together they will manage the day to day running of the school and the construction project.

The board is committed to supporting the students, staff and the school community during the final stages of our construction programme. To our staff we would like to say a huge thank you for your positive attitude to challenging times. You have certainly demonstrated resilency working within a live construction site.  We also appreciate the support of the school community and look forward to having spaces for our children that support rich learning experiences.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ginnie for her increased workload she has taken on during construction. Ginnie continues to do an amazing job of keeping our school running and providing our tamariki and community with an amazing school.

Flexible Learning Environments

Our head students have prepared a short video outlining what changing are taking place at St Albans School.


Update: Monday 10th October

Access to the school by the two-storied block has been re-instated.

The work on the prefab (loaned by the Ministry of Education to accommodate our roll growth) has been completed. Mrs Sutherland has moved into this space with her learners; the room will be know as Kore.

The hall foundations have been completed.

The foundations of the new block are underway.


Update: Wednesday 7th September

Access to the school by the two-storied block is temporarily closed; please use the gate at the end of the driveway (at the top of the loop).

We have the loan of a prefab from the Ministry of Education; this has been placed next to Rm 1. New entrant students starting in term four will be in this space.

The staffroom is in place. The placement of both this portacom and the prefab isn’t ideal, as it eats into what little play space we have left, however, these were the only options that were acceptable to the CCC.


Update: Wednesday 24th August

Thank you for vacating the site straight after school this week. The asbestos removal has been completed and it is safe for the site to be used out of hours.

We have a portacom arriving today. This will be placed at the end of R21 and will be our staffroom. It will take a number of days to ready it for use.

An additional class space also arrives next week. This will be positioned next to the memorial garden beside R1 and will be used by Nga Kiwi hub.

Drainage works are being completed by the hall space over the weekend.


Update: Thursday 18th August

Asbestos Contaminated Material getting removed from the hall building.

(Please see plans below)

The proposed dates for removal are: Monday 22nd – Thurs 25th Aug.

The Asbestos will be removed by Contaminated Site Remediation.

A full asbestos removal plan has been approved by the Ministry Of Education.

Removal Plan

Update: Monday 15 August

As asbestos has been found in our existing hall structure this has been listed on the hazard board. A comprehensive strategy will be followed by the Southbase team. This will be outlined here as soon as the school has received it.


Update: Wednesday 3 August

We welcome Southbase Construction to our site. Key personnel for this works are:

Brian Macmillan – Site Manager (027 836 0284)

Ross McCulloch – Project Manager

Richard Jack – Operations Manager

Jenni Stuart – Quantity Surveyor

The temporary fences are in place today and work on the hoardings is being completed. Access across the site is impacted significantly. How exciting to have our very own maze!

Update: Thursday 26th July

Site Map

Update: Thursday 21st July

For those of you who have visited the school site over the break, you will see our construction project has been delayed. The Ministry of Education are finalising contracts with the preferred contractor and are in the final stages of obtaining consent, with an expected commencement date of the beginning of August.

 Works that were able to be completed are:

  • Tree removal 
  • Kitchen installation in the temporary Oakleaf Cafe 

We will continue to communicate progress as soon as information comes to hand.

Update: Community Information Evening Tuesday 24th November 2015

Information Evening (The Why and the What!)

Information Evening (Designs Part 1)

Information Evening (Designs Part 2)


Community Consultation

We are fully committed to consulting with you on ideas for future development and we invite you to share ideas using post notes in the foyer or by using this portal through our website. Ideas from our community will be shared with our master planners Baldasso Cortese.


Update 2 – 9th June 2014

Master Planning Update 2


The Board of Trustees met with Ministry of Education (MOE) staff on Monday 17 March 2014 to discuss property issues. In December 2013 we were informed that our ‘master plan’ and associated property works were scheduled for 2018. However, since then a number of factors have presented themselves and the Ministry has agreed to ensure we have a strategic approach to any future property works.

Key Outcomes
The MOE are bringing forward our property master planning to address urgent property issues identified. These are:
♣ Library – decommissioned due to contamination with stachybotrys (black mold). It has been confirmed that this is uneconomical to repair.
♣ Hall – the MOE do not want us to lose the $100,000 Community Trust grant for the hall.

Our plan will be two-tiered with urgent issues being addressed this year and less urgent issues being completed in 2018 as per the original schedule, e.g. the administration block, which has weather-tightness issues.

Master Planning Process
1. Visioning – can include infrastructure repair that is prudent to do while other works are being carried out and can include board funded projects.
2. Appointing a master planner, who will either be:
a. Both a master planner and a detailed designer or,
b. A separate master planner and a detailed designer.
3. Go to tender for a designer / contractor.
4. Construction begins.

The master planning process involves “visioning” and property planning for the next 20 years and needs to reflect the core values, pedagogy, Charter and the needs of the learning community of St Albans School. Planning is generally a 12-week process, but visioning can add a few weeks to the process in order to truly reflect the needs of the school and community. The board agrees that visioning should not be rushed. A facilitator, appointed by the Ministry will visit the school and work with teachers, leadership and the board to determine the vision. The Board will also be working with Dr Cheryl Doig this year as part of the Charter review, which should assist with the visioning process.

We intend to consult with you as members of our community during the visioning process, as this will be a critical phase in the future of St Albans School. The survey we completed last year will give us some information, but we want to make sure we have everything covered as part of this, as it is our one chance to get this right. We have not yet determined the best way to do this consultation, but will advise you as soon as we have any further information on this part of the process.

The aim of the Ministry of Education’s Greater Christchurch Education Renewal Property Programme is to create more modern schools with improved facilities that reflect the advice of education experts and to support students’ use of the latest learning methods and technologies. All modern learning environment (MLE) classroom upgrades must comply with the Designing Quality Learning Spaces (DQLS) standards on internal environment learning spaces design. Guidelines have been developed by the Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ) for boards of trustees, principals and teachers to help us understand the importance the internal environment plays in the design of quality learning spaces. Four areas of focus are: acoustics, air quality, heat, temperature and insulation, and lighting

The MOE would like to start procurement of technical services to get master planning underway as soon as possible. It takes about a month to get a master planner signed up. The MOE has a panel of 8 master planners (for major works) who are the best educational planners in Australasia. From this panel the MOE will short-list three.

The MOE will come back to us next week with more information on the procurement process. The Board will appoint a member who will be the main Board representative and liaison person with the MOE throughout the process.

Other Updates
We are in the process of being connected to ultra fast broadband and anticipate this project to be completed by mid-term 3. This is part of the Ministry’s School Network Upgrade Project (SNUP). The school had been registered for this for several years; it had been on hold following the earthquakes. A letter received from MoE stated we are eligible for SNUP Lite requiring a 20% contribution from the school. This has been approved by the Board of Trustees and included in the 2014 annual budget.

We will continue to keep you up-to-date via the school’s website and other communications.

Ngā mihi,
Tony Boon and Ginnie Warren
On behalf of the Board of Trustees