The school has developed an Inquiry learning process that enables students to develop: skills, strategies, ideas, knowledge, opinions and values that will help them to make meaning from their world. The key competencies, school values and learning areas are developed through this Inquiry process. This process clearly identifies stages and their purposes. Our Inquiry rubric identifies the learning outcomes for all students at each stage of the process. Teachers will use this rubric to:

  • guide their teaching
  • guide students to enable them to reflect on their learning
  • give informative feedback to students about their progress providing them with their next steps for learning
  • assess the ongoing development of students

Three cycles are undertaken across the year. ‘Attack’ weeks are also held to coincide with national and global events, e.g., Māori Language Week, Olympic Games etc.

Tamariki who are:

  • inquiring learners
  • creative thinkers
  • skilled communicators
  • committed team players
  • and responsible citizens

We will achieve this through:

  • our shared vision
  • meaningful and enjoyable learning experiences
  • high expectations
  • ownership of learning
  • recognition of learning styles
  • developing the whole child
  • physical, cultural and emotional safety
  • modeling and fostering relationships
  • celebration of learning and achievement
  • partnership with whānau and community

We are committed to ensuring we provide children with authentic learning opportunities that enable them to become inquiring learners, creative thinkers and skilled communicators.


DIMENSION: Environment


CONTEXT: 100% Pure
This theme asks children to learn of the importance of water as a resource and how they can help protect this resource for the future.

IGNITION/CELEBRATION: Join together and have an activity day based around water.

STRAND LINKS: Science, Technology, Health

ATTACK WEEK: Book Week (16th – 20th June)